Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Handmade beaded bracelets !

Hey there!

So I have a new product to share with you guys and its no other than the

Its simple and looks gorgeous stacked with different type of materials and colours!
Definitely can be the focal point of your outfit. :)

I've made these for myself because I find it difficult to find the right size bracelets for my tiny wrist.
If you're having the same problem as me, or the common size bracelets are too small for you,
you can definitely inform me, and I can adjust accordingly! :)

NO more too loose or too tight of a bracelet!

Super savers!
Get a pair for RM15! Yes!
First pair: 10mm turquoise beads + 1 charm + 1 matching wristband
Seconds pair: 6mm white beads + 1 charm + 6mm black bead + 1 charm
* You may choose your own charm 

Close up white.
RM10 each

Close up black
RM10 each

Close up Turquoise
RM15 each 

Additional charms: Rm1.50

* Ideal for stacking with beaded bracelets
Add on: RM2.50 each

Happy choosing! :)

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Available items :)

Hey there beautiful people,
This is the updated stock list.

Bear in mind that I might not restock for some time.

I will however, start to sell handmade bracelets and earrings.
I dont know the exact time,
but I will probably reduce getting items from the supplier.
Especially the clutch due to unforeseen circumstances.

These are the sample of my beaded bracelet and earrings:

You guys will have the option of choosing your own charms too !;)
If you guys are interested, do follow our facebook page.

Picture of the latest available stocks:
Clutch: RM30 ea
Necklace: 2 for RM30

Have a good day! :)

Monday, 19 September 2011

Long necklaces :)

New update :)

This time we will share with you guys our new necklaces :)
Super loving some of it.

These necklaces can jazz up your plain outfit.
Pictures are found from lookbook for inspirations :)

Forever 21 Dress

Hair Bow From American Apparel, Circle Scarf From American Apparel, Long Sleeve Knit Shirt From H&M, Purse From Marc Jacobs, Dress From Aritzia, Vintage Booties From Victoire

H&M Ring From Mönckebergstraße, H&M Cardigan, H&M Celsea Boots

Our new necklaces are these:

Totally adore no 1, 5 and 8!

We also have a special one:
LOVES! Lighting bolt key!

We have revamped our pricing too.
If you buy any two, both will be RM30.
If you only want one, it will be RM18.

We will also have random weekly sale.
So dont forget to follow us on facebook!
Any enquiry, email us at!


Monday, 12 September 2011

Trend spotting 2 - Envelope clutch

Hey there.

The next update will be on another crazy trend that is around town which is the
"Envelope Clutch".

Can be used for the trendier and classier outings or laid back casual get together,
envelope clutch can definitely be a multipurpose accessory :)

There's many pictures found on lookbook;

Our version are these pretty babies,
They're smaller than the typical envelope clutch you can find at many blogshop,
as well as their quality are much much better
( they dont get wrinkly )

 All these are ready stock items!
More better picture, check out facebook!

Rm30 each w/o postage,
You cant go wrong :)

Friday, 9 September 2011

Trend spotting

First update will be on

These kind of wristbands are pretty alone or stack up with other textured bracelets.
It is a current trend, and is spotted many many times at lookbook.

Here's a few. :)


So make a statement on your wrist and jazz up your whole look.

Our version, are these textured leathery wristbands.
Below are the new ones we found.
Price : RM 4.50 ea ( Its thicker and larger than the old ones)

And we still have stocks on the old ones that we're selling.
Price : Rm3.50 ea

Place an order now :)

Sorry for the long hiatus!

Hey guys.

Sorry for disappearing for so long!

But no worries,
I did try to stock up a bit during the long disappearing act. :) :)

I will do an update on necklaces, ready stock clutches as well as wristbands!

Do watch out for it!


Thursday, 18 August 2011

Pre-order batch 1

Hey there gorgeous!

Besides having ready stock items, we also do pre-order!

Our first pre-order batch 1 will focus more on envelope clutch.
There are 12 colours to pick from! yes!

So just email me the number of the clutch as well as the quantities.

Preorder is open till this saturday! Dont hesistate!

The price for one is RM30 not inclusive postage.
Buy two at RM 56!

Time is running out!

It will take around 3 weeks to reach us. Please be patience ya!

- The Red Pandora