Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Handmade beaded bracelets !

Hey there!

So I have a new product to share with you guys and its no other than the

Its simple and looks gorgeous stacked with different type of materials and colours!
Definitely can be the focal point of your outfit. :)

I've made these for myself because I find it difficult to find the right size bracelets for my tiny wrist.
If you're having the same problem as me, or the common size bracelets are too small for you,
you can definitely inform me, and I can adjust accordingly! :)

NO more too loose or too tight of a bracelet!

Super savers!
Get a pair for RM15! Yes!
First pair: 10mm turquoise beads + 1 charm + 1 matching wristband
Seconds pair: 6mm white beads + 1 charm + 6mm black bead + 1 charm
* You may choose your own charm 

Close up white.
RM10 each

Close up black
RM10 each

Close up Turquoise
RM15 each 

Additional charms: Rm1.50

* Ideal for stacking with beaded bracelets
Add on: RM2.50 each

Happy choosing! :)

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